SA Madison Suspending Activities

I wanted to let everyone know that we’ll hold the August 28th service, and then Sunday Assembly Madison is suspending activities starting in September 2016 (though the Trivia Team will continue to meet every other Wednesday, as they are unstoppable).

The board would like everyone to know it’s been a wonderful two years working with all of you, and we are so grateful for all SAM has brought into our lives.

If anyone else is interested in stepping forward to form the next Board of Directors, just let me know. We’ve had a few folks express interest in taking over SAM. I’ll be in contact with you individually and be putting you in contact with each other. The current Board has built a great foundation, and we have lots of resources available, we just don’t have enough bandwidth to keep it going.

Everyone who has worked to make SAM happen, from the Board of Directors to our musicians, have been volunteers. So thanks so much for all the time you’ve been able to give over the years!

For folks still looking for a community for atheists, both the Humanist Union of Madison and the Madison Skeptics have events and people you will likely enjoy (and you’ll probably see more than a few SAM people there too).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and thanks again for everything!

Naomi Kroth- President

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