Chapter Funding

Although we won’t be “passing the plate” at SA Madison services, our congregation does need financial support. Our president and directors are volunteers, but there are still the costs of renting a venue, purchasing supplies for an event, insurance, a variety of fees, and – especially – for preparing to do charitable activities in the future. We will always be completely transparent with our finances, so here is the link to our year end Balance Sheet 2015 and our Balance Sheet April 2016. We deeply appreciate any donations you can give SA Madison! If you would like a breakdown of our expenses, please contact us at and we’ll be happy to provide one. We can meet all our needs with just a little help from each of us! Heads up, the Donate button below will take you to a separate, though still totally safe, PayPal page (because we decided we didn’t want to pay for fancy embedded PayPal).

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