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We are happy to answer any questions you have about Madison Assembly!


In addition, we’re always looking for general volunteers to help out. This could involve welcoming people as they arrive or serving tea or coffee at the end. We’re also keen to hear from people who would like to give a reading or talk at one of our assemblies, or who would like to get involved in organizing future assembly volunteering and charitable events.


To connect with us, contact us via the options below:

 Drop us a note via snail mail to:

Sunday Assembly Madison
PO Box 70768
Madison, WI 53707

email Email us at

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9 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Jake

    Hi. I’m not seeing meeting dates from your website. I do see 10:00am Sunday meetings on the Unitarian site. Is that the same thing?
    Thanks, Jake

    1. nkroth23

      Jake- The Events calendar is kind of hard to read. You can see the dates are a different color when they have an event. We’re hoping to improve how we display our event though. Our next service is on 11/23 at 3pm, then in December our service will be on 12/21 at 3pm. In general we plan to hold our services on the 4th Sunday of every month, but December will be an exception.

  2. Mark Millard

    Good afternoon. I am interested in learning more about the Madison Assembly. Can you tell me if the Madison Assembly is tax-exempt under 501 (c) (3) of the IRS code. Thanks much Mark.

    1. nkroth23

      Our next service is on January 25th. I just posted all the info on our events page and on FB. Hope to see you there. Also, welcome to Madison. Don’t worry it get’s much warmer, but if you haven’t learned to ice skate I really recommend it. Helps to keep cabin fever at bay. Then come May and June the summers here are fantastic.


  3. Susan

    I live in a wheelchair I have to hire someone to drive me to places twice we were already to go to find out we had already missed it. Today’s service was to be my birthday outing now I find out you had the service last week instead of the 4th week. What’s the use of having a service every 4th week if that’s never when you have it. It seems like Sunday assembly is for an in group only.

  4. maryann zelmanski

    I am sure I saw your next service for this month was the 19th, this was about three weeks ago I looked at he site. Did it change? I know I couldn’t have gotten that wrong-I would not have written down the 19th if it was the 26th. Obviously I was wrong because no one was there today. I realize I should have checked the last day or two and that won’t happen again but I have to ask if the date changed because I don’t usually make these kind of mistakes. I hope I can make it next week.

    1. nkroth23


      The best place for looking at our dates is on our MeetUp page: The website is really clunky to use, so we have moved towards MeetUp. We had the wrong date out there at one point, so no you didn’t write it down wrong. My apologies. Generally we always have our service on the 4th Sunday of the month.



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